About Us

What is the Mundo Gamer Academy?

Global e-learning platform with a great variety of courses developed by qualified professionals of the gaming industry. At the end of each course, the student receives a certificate with international recognition that is stored and updated in a private and secure blockchain, verifying its authenticity and increasing the chances of a career in the gaming industry.

Our Team

Guilherme Cortez

Computer Engineer and CTO for a TueThink UG, Crypto analyst and investor.Currently a Mundo Gamer Network founder and blockchain strategist.

Deysi Vila Verde

International seasoned business owner and strategic advisor. Specialized in international relations and politics.

Alexandru Blaga

Alex is our Popcorn Gamer and he loves to play Fifa and is also a native Romanian speaker and work with our german community.

Johannes Weber

Specialized in marketing and sales related to blockchain technology.